Clarity enhanced diamonds are diamonds that have had their clarity improved through artificial means.

clarity enhanced diamonds

Diamonds that had undergone a bit of nip and tuck!

Basically, clarity enhanced diamonds fall into one of two categories and should be relatively easy for a trained person to spot. The first process deals with laser drilled clarity enhanced diamonds. The laser process doesn’t present big problems in identification and it is considered a permanent treatment.

The second process deals with fracture filled clarity enhanced diamonds. It is more difficult for some people to spot and it is not a permanent treatment. Fracture filled clarity enhanced diamonds will need special care whenever it is at the jeweler’s workshop or it will be damaged during repairs.

How Do They Perform the Treatment?

A “diamond plastic surgeon” starts with a diamond that would have a low clarity like a very low SI2, an I1, or a very high I2 clarity. This would be a diamond that would be mostly clean except or one large inclusion. If this inclusion can be made to be less noticeable, then you will have a more marketable diamond.

Because a clarity enhanced diamond started off its life as a very low clarity diamond, it will typically be improved (enhanced) to what could be called as an “eye clean” diamond. As a result, the diamond consumer can be offered a terrific option because of the lower costs. Usually, these diamonds can offer up to a 30% savings of a comparable diamond that has not been “enhanced”.

Reason for Uproars in the Industry

Some gemologists/jewelers/associations have turned up their noses and improved when it comes to clarity enhanced diamonds. Some of this stems from the fact that some people have unknowingly purchased clarity enhanced diamonds because of misrepresentation.

It’s sad but true. Everyday, people get ripped off because of their own greed in getting “good” deals with unscrupulous dealers. This has cause a bad reputation to build around clarity enhanced diamonds. To be safe, just stay away from them.