platinum diamond ring

In a recent survey, it was found that 71% of women seeking engagement rings want platinum.

BASE: All women aged 18-34 shopping for their engagement ring (125)

QUESTION: Thinking about an engagement ring. Which of the following phrases best describes how you feel about each of these precious metals?

Turn desire into acquisition

Closing the gap between the consumer’s desire for platinum and the actual sale of platinum jewelry requires sales staff armed with knowledge and confidence. You can increase your bottom line immensely by ensuring your sales associates understand and communicate platinum’s value.

PGI’s new training program, which uses the brand line ‘Pure. Rare. Eternal.’ as a basis for talking points, will help sales associates capitalize on the rapidly growing interest in platinum. Using clear, simple, easy to remember sales tips that distinguish platinum from all other metals, our method educates and reassures customers of the value, wisdom and appropriateness of a platinum purchase.

Sell more effectively to women

A large scale research effort that monitored 20 jewelry retailers revealed critical insights. Stores are often losing sales by underestimating the seriousness of the female shopper, her ability to purchase and her influence on the purchase decision when a man buys the ring. By assuming that only couples or a man shopping for jewelry are your primary targets, you may be alienating a critical factor in platinum sales.

Women shop differently:

– less inclined to online research. Use retailers as the prime source of information.

– usually shop alone or with women friends.

– clear labeling of jewelry and visible signage is crucial.

– touching, handling, trying on are key factors in making a sale. If it stays behind glass, she’s likely to pass.

Acknolwledge women in the store:

– take them seriously, whether they are shopping alone, with a man or friends.

– pay attention, answer questions, make jewelry available for trying on.

– women who feel ignored lose the desire to shop in your store and will tell their fiancĂ© so.

– positive attention has a tremendous impact on sales.

– treating the women as a desired customer often turns her into a paying customer.

Women want information about platinum:

– women want to understand platinum’s superiority. Demonstrating the difference between white gold and platinum (such as wear factor) is a proven sales technique.

– sales associates who communicate platinum as a superior product, discuss its value and introduce it as a better symbol of a couple’s relationship, make a highly positive impression on consumers which reflects on sales.

– information about platinum’s purity is a very compelling reason for customers to buy it.

– you must stock it to sell it. Lack of selection and/or styles is a leading drawback cited by women.

What do you think? Are you a platinum person or a white gold kind of person?

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